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First Timer Savannah Rose Has a Yummy Bum

savannah rose yummy bum

Yummy Bum is the title of this First Time Audition adventure, featuring blond Savannah Rose. She shows up at the audition office knowing exactly what she is there for: To fuck on camera and have some fun! Savannah Rose is sort of in that range between coed and MILF, she’s got a nice natural body, a really nice ass, and some decent C cup tits. She’s not shy to get naked, and she seems to be into sort of semi-rough sex, like getting her pussy tapped and such. She’s a horny girl too, totally into getting fucked hard and she can even handle the tough positions like pile driver. She also takes a nice big cum load and seems ready for more, I have a feeling you might see this yummy bum in more hot porn videos soon!

savannah rose yummy bum
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