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Month: June 2009

Miranda Does It All First Time Audition

What can I say? This girl is so much pornstar material that she even has a great name, Miranda Rights. She certainly has all the right stuff to be a pornstar in the future, a cute face, nice little boobs, and a juicy little fuck hole that spasms when she cums! She loves to get her coochie licked too, and returns the favor with some nice head before the fucking part comes around. This girl doesn’t give a fuck about the cameras, she just wants to cum and cum hard! Oh yeah, she takes that big load all over her face too for the finish! First time facial at a First Time Auditions shoot, always hot!

Rachel Natural Born Pornstar

Some girls just have it, that skill, the look, the attitude, and of course, the willingness to suck cock! Check out this report:

Rachel busted out an ass that totally took me by surprise. Besides been really cute, this little devil is a freak, and her ass is no joke. For her first audition, she came wearing this little white skirt, and when she lifted it, the ASS came and said hello. Actually, Rachel is the total package. Great skinny body. Glorious ass, and a pussy that dont quit.

She’s a natural born pornstar, that is for sure! She even takes that cumshot like a pro!

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Sexy Ashley Loves The Cock

Ashley came in for a first time sexy photoshoot and video, and the guys had it all set up. When they saw how hot this girl was, they hatched their plan, but they had to wait for the right moment. They got Ashley to be all sexy and show off for the cameras, and at the right time, the stunt cock (hiding as camera man) put down his camera and joined Ashley for some action. Well, this little hotty didn’t need much encouragement to bend down and start sucking cock, so the guys knew she was a natural! Talk abut pornstar style sucking, this girl has watched a few videos in her time! She sucks like crazy, loves to get her juicy pussy licked out, and fucked like a beast! She isn’t too shy about cum either!

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Crystal Learns The Pornstar Way

Set the wayback machine to 2006 Mr Peabody, we are off to see some of the classic First Time Audition action. Crystal here is a hot looking barely legal piece, with a decent body and a naughty attitude. She wants to make a porn movie, and she isn’t shy to get naked in front of the camera. But she though it was just going to be a masturbation thing by herself, until she is in the middle of an orgasm and the guys send in a stunt cock to see her reaction. Well, she pulls down that guys pants and she is all over his cock like a starving girl, sucking and licking him like crazy. he gets rid of the toy and flips her over for a nice hard fuck before depositing his load all over her face. She is a talented cock sucker, that is for sure!

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