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Skylar Green Started Out at First Time Auditions

skylar green

Every girl starts somewhere, every girl has a first fuck scene, and many of them are walk ins who answer ads in the paper for models and adult stuff. Skylar Green got her start at First Time Auditions, getting to know what it’s like to fuck on film for the very first time. This girl is a really hot 20 year old, a very petite 30B-23-32 but damn, she’s got ana amazing ass for her petite size. She’s also a very willing fuck, and she gets right into it in this scene, keeping her high heels on and getting on top to control some of the action too. She certainly isn’t shy when the cum starts flying either, she ends up with a big cum facial and seems to want more!

skylar green first time auditions

Anna Bell First Time Fucking On Camera

anna bell first time auditions

Anna Bell answered an ad in the newspaper looking for “adult models”, and it’s sort of her lucky day. She got to the First Time Auditions office on a day when JMac is the stunt cock on duty, which means this girls first time fucking on camera is going to be one to remember. Jmac wastes no time to get her signed up and ready to go, and out come her small titties. Nice stuff, but when she turns around it’s game on, because this girl has a nice little butt, almost a bubble butt, and JMac is lusting for it. It’s not long before she has a face full of his cock and she is sucking like amateur girls do, with enthusiasm for sure. The fucking is off the hook, plenty of cowgirl so we can check her ass out and then JMac favorite pile driver fucking that has this girl hooting and hollering and cumming like mad. She gets a nice big facial cumshot in the end and she really seems to love the taste of his jasm!

first on camera fuck

Issa Rose Wildly Hot First Time Fuck

issa rose ass

Issa Rose is one of those girls you have one look at, and you know she is going to be a good time. She’s got a rocking little body, a rather big tattoo on her back, and she is more than ready for a little on camera fun. She signs the paperwork, and the stunt cock starts checking out her goods, and not surprisingly, he goes right for her sexy ass. Damn, this girl has a nice butt. Issa Rose has firm tits and pierced nipples too, this girl isn’t too innocent and does a great job sucking on his fat cock. Then she pulls her panties to the side and stuffs his big cock right into her shaved cunt, she’s too horny to even bother getting fully naked! This girl is a truly hot fuck, and when he bends her over stand up doggy style and really starts pounding, you can see this girl really loves to cum – she does it often! She takes the big cum facial too, I think this girl is ready for the big times as a hot pornstar!

issa rose fuck

Sweet Treat Mena Has a Great Ass

mean sweet treat

Mena is what I consider to be a good walking away girl, because her ass is so fucking nice, it’s nice to see her walk away… or better to follow that sexy ass to have some fun. This naughty 21 year old showed up with the First Time Auditions offices after seeing an ad in the local paper, and she made it clear – she wants to fuck on camera because she likes sex, plain and simple. Well, they guys aren’t going to deny her that, and instead they get busy enjoying her sexy ass and nice body. Mena has a few interesting tattoos (including an odd one under her tits) but overall she’s a real hotty and very talented when it comes to sucking cock. You can tell from her responses when the guy is fucking her that she doesn’t care about the camera, this slutty little girl wants to cum, cum hard, and cum often! She gets a nice cum facial finish as well, I have a feeling this girl has had some cum on her face before!

mean first time auditions

Bridget Rite Wants To Fuck On Camera

bridget rite oh so rite

Some girls just know what they want, and know they have the body for it. Bridget Rite shows up at the First Time Audition offices and she is ready to do it right now. This curvy girl has got one hell of a lot of sexy ass cheek, and she isn’t shy to show them off. She does some nice masturbation for the camera and then JMac joins in and Bridget Rite sucks his cock like candy. This girl loves it. She’s not 100% sure she can take all of his cock in her pussy, but soon JMac is balls deep fucking her doggy style and making her scream with joy. Then he moves her into his favorite pile driver fuck position and pounds her pussy until he spews cum all over her face and tits. This girl loves it, and wants more – she’s going to be a pornstar for sure!

bridget right first fuck
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Round Ass Babe Ashden Wants To Make a Porno

ass on ashden

The funniest thing when I first saw a picture of Ashden was that I thought I knew this girl from somewhere. She’s just got a look that reminds me of someone I wanted to bone ones or something. Whatever, that girl certainly didn’t have as nice an ass as Ashden has. Ashden has got more ass than she needs, but it’s all good, round and proud and almost a bubble butt. She shows up at First Time Auditions offices looking to be in a porn movie, and she is only slightly surprised when the guy starts getting her naked and fucks her right there. She can’t take his big cock all the way to start with, but by the end he’s fucking her doggy style balls deep and she’s cumming like crazy – she even takes his load on her face with a smile! Hot stuff from a hot ass babe!

ashden first time auditions

Adrianna Curvy Horny and Ready To Fuck on Camera

adrianna first time auditions

Adrianna turned up at the First Time Auditions offices looking perky, happy, and best of all totally ready to fuck. This girl looks like she might have saved her horny up for a few days just to make sure, because she’s absolutely full of sexual energy. It doesn’t take much to talk her out of her sexy little jean shorts, and soon this girl is sitting on the guys desk masturbating right in front of him. He can’t handle that much, so he pushes her back, walks around, and stuffs his cock in her mouth as she continues to rub her clit and cums hard while sucking his cock. Then they are onto fucking, and this girl is great. Nice sizes tits, a great smile, a hot ass, and her pussy is shaved and looks great with his big cock inside! She isn’t ready for anal yet, but she cums sort of in surprise as he slides his finger into her ass while fucking her pussy. She cums a lot, loves it all, and takes a nice big cum facial! I think you will see more of Adrianna fucking on camera soon, this girl is too hot to miss!

adrianna first time auditions

Chloe Cummore is Ready To Cum More

chloe cummore

I love this girl’s eyes! Chloe Cummore (what a name) is a little hotty that showed up looking to be a pornstar. Her luck is to hit the office when JMac is in, he hasn’t busted a nut in a couple of days and he loves tight fresh little pussy. Chloe Cummore certainly is petite, with tiny tits and a tight firm body. She’s not shy to get naked and get busy!

chloe cummore blowjob

She sucks Jmac’s cock really good, and dives in for a little ball licking and sucking too, you can tell this girl has some real life experience with cock, if you know what I mean. She’s totally hot sucking cock, lots of eye contact and lots of sucking. Then they move on to fucking and this one is so good, from stand up fucking to her riding reverse cowgirl with JMac’s huge cock in her tight little twat, this is one great fuck scene for sure. She did suck a good job sucking his balls that when it comes time to bust his nut, he strokes himself as she sucks his rocks one more time before pulling back to blast her face full of cum. This girl is a hotty, she can easily be the next hot pornstar!

chloe cummore fucking

First Timer Savannah Rose Has a Yummy Bum

savannah rose yummy bum

Yummy Bum is the title of this First Time Audition adventure, featuring blond Savannah Rose. She shows up at the audition office knowing exactly what she is there for: To fuck on camera and have some fun! Savannah Rose is sort of in that range between coed and MILF, she’s got a nice natural body, a really nice ass, and some decent C cup tits. She’s not shy to get naked, and she seems to be into sort of semi-rough sex, like getting her pussy tapped and such. She’s a horny girl too, totally into getting fucked hard and she can even handle the tough positions like pile driver. She also takes a nice big cum load and seems ready for more, I have a feeling you might see this yummy bum in more hot porn videos soon!

savannah rose yummy bum
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Charlie Wants To Be a Porn Star

charlie lucky lady

Charlie is from Tennessee, and trust me, after you listen to her talk for one second, you will know it’s true. She’s got the accent, no doubt about it. She answered an ad for adult models, and she knows what’s up “lots of sex” seems to be what got this girl in the door. She’s not super model hot, but she’s got a nice body and seems to like to fuck. You can tell she isn’t that experienced yet, but she takes a big cock like a champ and doesn’t flinch when the guy starts spraying his cum all over her face and hair. She’s got some potential this girl, at least the potential to cum some more on camera!

charlie fucking

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