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Belle Wants To Be A Porn Girl

A fiery redhead is just the thing that we like to see come thru our doors. Belle came by with the intent on becoming the next big porn star. So of course we had to get to the bottom of the things and figure out if the had what it took to be on film. We started by talking about what it took to get her all started up. Masturbation was the topic that got touched on first. Belle started telling us how she loves to have her pussy played with and was happy to show us firsthand. After that got out of the way, we brought out the cock and she demonstrated her bowjob skills. Belle could not help but play with her natural perky tits as she sucked and sucked on a big cock. Then her bubble butt ass bounced so nicely on the dick that I knew then this chick would be going places. First stop, on her knees catching baby batter to the face.

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