Month: January 2009

Jewel Polishes a Knob on Camera

Jewel Styles is ready for her First Time Audition. I had her meet me at the park, she showed up on Rollerblades and looking fine. Shes such a cutie, with her petite frame and perfect curves. After some time at the park, we decided to take it back to the house and continue the interview process. There Jewels showed me how she shakes her Booty, and whats under that skirt too. I had to get VooDoo into the mix to put her through some tests. Let me just say she surpassed any expectation
I had, and took it like a champ!

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JC Admits She Loves The Cock

Usually the guys from First Time Auditions have to play it a little cool and casual, luring the girl in with sexy pics, topless pics, nudes, and then finally slipping in a stunt cock. Well, not with JC, check this story out:

JC came to see if shes got what it takes be one of our girls. Right off the bat, I had her tell me about herself. She said how she liked to Suck and Fuck. Thats a great start. Gotta have those skills down to make it in the business. Needless to say Sergio was eager to see this girl in the flesh. He gave the 1, 2, donkey dick, and even took her ass into the hot tub to finish the audition.

What a fucking hotty, one of the first ass fucks for an audition. She might have a career in porn ahead!

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Taylor Knows How to Work It

Some girls aren’t sure how to use their assets to seduce a guy, and even less when they get in front of a camera. Taylor knows what to do, that is for sure. The guys start her off dressed as a cook doing a BBQ outside, and she isn’t shy to give them some nice upskirt shots, and even pops her titties out to show off outdoors. The guys know she is ready for the next step, and they get her insider for a little more nude modeling. When she lays back and starts rubbing and fingering her own pussy without direction, the guys know she is ready to go from nude model to fucking on camera. This girls First Time Audition turns into a nice hard fuck, and wow, does she loves to fuck!

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