Month: October 2012

Ellie Mae West Split Open By a Huge Cock

ellie mar west

I was sort of chuckling when I saw this girls name, because I can see what she is trying to do. Mae West was one of the true bombshells of the movie world, long before porn. On the other hand, Ellie Mae was the country girl daughter with the high sex appear from the TV Show Beverly Hillbillies. Combine the two, and you get Ellie Mae West. I would have to say that this girl seems to have a little more of Ellie Mae and not so much Mae West, but she is still a sexy and horny girl and more than willing to fuck on camera. Bad news for her is she got JMac as fuck number one, which means she gets split open by one of the largest cocks in porn right now. It’s a hot scene, this girl is clearly into fucking in a big way, and and really loves the cock. Not sure if she will really make it as a pornstar, but hey, she’s still a hot fuck!

ellie mae west fucking