Month: October 2011

Scarlett Marx is a Super Shy First Time Porn Girl

Some girls are into making their first porn movies, and some girls sort of turn into turtles when they see the camera. Scarlett Marx comes in the door all enthusiastic, but when she sees the camera, she turns all stiff and nervous. She changes into her yellow bikini in the other room, even! JMac knows this girl is shy, and so he plays it cool and slow to start, rubbing her shoulders and them making out with her a bit. He starts to suck on her nice sized bobos and pink nipples, and she is getting into it a bit, but when he goes down on her and starts licking her pussy, this girl is transformed! She is still freaking out about the camera, but now she is shy and cumming hard! She loves to get her pussy licked! That leads to fucking and JMac goes for it, and this girl cums over and over, no longer worried about the camera, only worried about getting another juicy orgasm!

Chloe Hart Naked Ambition To Be a Pornstar

Chloe Hart is the sort of girl who is just perfect to be in porn. This sexy 19 year old has a nice body, not super spectacular but smooth and nice, with firm tits (nice tanlines too!) and she loves to show off. She’s purely amateur, and when she starts to suck cock for the first time on camera, you can see that! She doesn’t have that pornstar action going yet, but I am sure this naughty girl will learn. She loves to get fucked, she isn’t a screamer but you can tell she loves to get boned hard, and she really gets a solid fucking in her debut. This girl will probably make it for plenty more porn, she’s got the look, she’s a hot fuck, and she loves cum all over her face!

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