Month: April 2009

Chritien Sucks Nuts To Be In Porn

Some girls want it more than others. Christien is a girl that just wants to get into porn, and she is willing to do anything to get there. So when she turned up for her first time audition, the guys checked her out naked and decided that this young MILF had some potential – she might need a boob job, but damn, she is willing to do almost anything to get the job done, even ball licking and sucking and sucking cock like a two dollar hooker on an army base. She’s a hot fuck too, I suspect you might actually see more of her on some other porn sites soon!

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Cute Keely Sucks On Her First Time Audition

Some girls look all innocent and stuff and you would never think they would be so naughty. Keely is a girl with such cute eyes and a winning smile, dressed simply and quietly, you might think she was trying out for a role in a school play or something. Then the clothes come off, a big cock is presented, and Keely goes directly to sucking on that cock like a newborn sucking on mom’s tit. This girl loves to suck cock, she has a totally contented look on her face as she slobbers on this knob like the best candy cane in the world. She’s a great fuck too, asking for more and harder and deeper and grinding that cock to a pulp. She is a serious freak!

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Sexy Eyes Spring Makes Her First Porno

Spring wanted to be a model. Then she figured she could be a nude model, and the First Time Auditions guys invited her down, and they had a plan. They figured if they could get her doing nude modelling, they could get her fucking on camera in no time. Well, they start the session, and Spring lets out that she is a bit of a freak and really loves to fuck. That is all the guys needed to hear, they sent in stunt cock Ramon and the fun starts. Check out this girls eyes, she is some sexy, and she sucks cock like a hooker! She really does love to fuck in all positions, but even Ramon was surprised when she begged him to fuck her in the ass too! What a debut! This girl might be the next big pornstar!

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