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Tiffany Wants To Be A Pornstar

Tiffany wants to be a pornstar, and she turns up at the offices of First Time Auditions ready and willing. She’s a little surprised to find out she will be fucking right away, but she works with it. The interview is funny, this girl clearly has had some interesting sexual experiences in her life. She’s got a nice body, medium man-made tits and a curvy butt that looks real good. She’s pretty good at sucking cock too, but you can tell she is a little unsure with the camera getting right in there. She fucks good too, with a little deer in the headlights for the camera and then some nice orgasms as she gives in to that cock. She gets a nice facial spooge for her efforts, and smiles as the cum drips off her face. She might have a future in porn, what do you think?

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